Dien Chan tool nº376
  • Amber beauty pad

    Indispensable tool in any dressing-table, it's easy to use and fast acting. This tool prepares multiple areas for treatment.
    Used on both the face and the body, it treats a wide variety of disorders.

    The beauty pad provides gentle massages with its smooth side and yang stimulations with its brush side.
    Similar size to a bar of soap, its rounded spikes quickly activate the massaged area without damaging the skin, providing relief and relaxation.

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  • Therapeutic use

    The beauty pad creates gentle, pleasant yang effects with its rounded spikes. Best to utilize with minimum pressure, creating a light touch.
    The gentler the massage, the deeper the effect.
    Massage with circular movements over the affected area for 2 minutes.

  • Empower your treatment

    Used on the scalp, the beauty pad allows to treat a variety of disorders including alopecia. It reactivates microcirculation of the head and rebalances hydration to combat dandruff.
    It can be used on the face to reactivate facial muscles. It provides the ability to give a deep massage of the temples and cheeks in order to treat blockages in the limbs as based upon Penfield’s diagram.
    Used on the body and depending on the symptoms, it prepares the area to be treated before using a yin or yang tool.
    For example, to combat urinary disorders, draw small circles on the chin to activate the self-regulating process of the bladder or the prostate. This protocol is based on the diagram reflecting the internal organs on the face and can be repeated up to twice a day, for 3 minutes.

    All diagrams are available in the App Faceasit with explanations and their relation between points, anatomy and reflex zones on the face. Check the user-guide at en.Faceasit.com.

  • Esthetic use

    Use of the beauty pad produces fast, visible results in anti-wrinkle facial treatments.
    For example, to treat a double chin, massage in small circles from the base of the chin to the upper jaw for 4 minutes, twice a day.
    Expression lines on the forehead can be gradually smoothed out by using a circular massage working from the centre of the brow towards the temples.
    Used on the body, the beauty pad produces yang effects to prepare and facilitate drainage in anti-cellulite treatments.
    All disorders that affect the scalp (alopecia, dandruff, dullness, itching, etc.) can be greatly improved through the use of the beauty pad and alter the appearance and increase the health of the hair.
    The beauty pad helps to revitalize the root of the hair. Gentle stimulation for 4 minutes a day encourages microcirculation and nutrition of the hair.

    Discover the incredible technique of natural esthetics in the official site of Chan'beauté.

  • Tool specifications

    Data sheet nº376.
    Size: 5 x 8 x 3 cm | Weight: 70 grs.
    Made of: Polymer resin and stainless steel.
    Manufacturing: sustainable handicraft.

    Complementary tool

    [207] Concave roller - Smooth brass sphere

    multireflex #207

    For use on the face or body with both yin and yang effects, this tool is very useful for treating inflammation of small joints.
    Its smooth sphere can be used for eye treatments.

    How to take care of your tools

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    The multireflex tools

    The multireflex tools are handcrafted by local Vietnamese artisans from horn (recovered from farm animals at the end of their natural life), wood and high quality metals. They offer fast, complementary results to both the heath care professional and natural aesthetic beauticians.
    The natural horn, wood and metals used in the manufacture of multireflex tools provide strength, elegance and efficiency.
    The tools are handcrafted to achieve lasting and profound results in facial and body reflexology.
    Much less expensive than cosmetics📌, the multireflex tools are beautiful useful and practical objects. They allow us to obtain very good results by combining their effects according to the care.
    📌 A multireflex tool it is for life while creams last one month!

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