Dien Chan tool nº416
  • Yin rake

    The yin rake serves to stimulate the scalp, calm the patient and prepare the nervous system for multireflexology treatment.

    The medium-size yin rake tool provides a very gentle, relaxing massage.
    The handle allows stimulation of both the scalp and other multireflexology areas on the forehead.

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  • Therapeutic use

    Very useful for treating nervous disorders, the yin rake calms the patient and quickly improves the bodies receptivity of a facial treatment. Its rebalancing effect counteracts the affects of depression and anxiety.

  • Empower your treatment

    As many disorders have their origin in tension. the initial protocols of any treatment involving changes in the nervous system. The yin rake serves to help rebalance the brain, while at the same time encouraging the microcirculation of blood.
    The tool is not used as a comb but to follow the head’s energy lines. Rake the scalp for 4 minutes from the forehead to the nape.
    Then apply the recommended facial treatment using the appropriate tool.
    When working with the diagram of the body on the skull, the yin rake serves to ease back pain and relieve tensions in the nape of the neck and the hips.

    All diagrams are available in the App Faceasit with explanations and their relation between points, anatomy and reflex zones on the face. Check the user-guide at en.Faceasit.com.

  • Esthetic use

    La herramienta del burn-out. Si estás harta, quemada, agotada, exhausta, o hasta el mismísimo moño, tu sistema nervioso está a punto del colapso. Con este útil activarás las líneas energéticas del cuerpo, relajarás la nuca y la cadera (por acción refleja) y harás un «reseteo» en tu sistema nervioso.
    Después de usarla, todo tendrá otro color, pero esta vez, el color lo decidirás tú.

    Utilízala con un movimiento regular desde la frente, y después desde las sienes hasta la nuca, antes de acostarte y al despertar.

    Discover the incredible technique of natural esthetics in the official site of Chan'beauté.

  • Tool specifications

    Data sheet nº416.
    Size: 14 x 4 x 4 cm | Weight: 25 grs.
    Made of: mimosa wood and stainless steel.
    Manufacturing: sustainable handicraft.

    Complementary tool

    [128] Little yin~yang hammer

    multireflex #128

    Highly recommended for stress management, neck tension and migraines, the Little yin~yang hammer is a well rounded tool that offers fast relief.

    For students and beginners it is an alternative tool to detectors for stimulating the bqc·points on the face.

    How to take care of your tools

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    The multireflex tools

    The multireflex tools are handcrafted by local Vietnamese artisans from horn (recovered from farm animals at the end of their natural life), wood and high quality metals. They offer fast, complementary results to both the heath care professional and natural aesthetic beauticians.
    The natural horn, wood and metals used in the manufacture of multireflex tools provide strength, elegance and efficiency.
    The tools are handcrafted to achieve lasting and profound results in facial and body reflexology.
    Much less expensive than cosmetics📌, the multireflex tools are beautiful useful and practical objects. They allow us to obtain very good results by combining their effects according to the care.
    📌 A multireflex tool it is for life while creams last one month!



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