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  • FACEASiT'pro

    Available in German, Faceasit’pro is an incredible therapeutic calculator that proposes an infinity of facial reflexology protocols in real time.
    Offered in reflex zones and bqc·points on the face with pointers.
    Technology serving natural e-health.

    Available in German, Faceasit allows you to design treatments with a focus on the affected area. Similar to a visit to the health practitioner, you begin by providing the problem and listing the symptoms.
    The therapist then uses their knowledge to interpret this information. Faceasit'pro is not to replace the therapist but designed to offer users valuable treatment information; its purpose is to allow individuals to manage their health and treat common disorders while avoiding the excess use of medication.
    The complete handbook in english at de.Faceasit.com.
    The AppStore downloading link —›click‹—.

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  • Therapeutischen Verwendung

    The Faceasit'pro version is recommended for all those interested in learning about facial reflexology.
    This version provides the solutions within the reflex zones and the fixed points on the face accompanied with various instruction on how to use the multireflex tools.

    The professional therapists prefer the Faceasit'clinic version as it also allows us to modify, create and share our formulae of points and protocols (—›click‹—).

  • Sublimieren Sie Ihre Behandlung

    Faceasit became a must-have tool for natural therapists. It offers treatment solutions using Dien Chan, the original facial reflexology method to quickly restores the balance of the body’s energy flow thanks to precise stimulations of points on the face, complemented by yin or yang massages of the body.

    Dien Chan has more than 20 projection diagrams showing reflex areas on the face and a map of 257 set points. The theory of Dien Chan combines the diagrams and complements them with the effects and indications of each of the set points on the face. Its fast, lasting results are a result of the combined stimulation of blood and lymph microcirculation.
    Facial treatments based on the reflexology areas serve to raise levels of dopamine in the brain and direct our energy (Qi) to the affected body part.

    Faceasit contains all the knowledge and information; it is not a simplified version. At the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan, we believe that power lies not in the information but in the ability to combine knowledge. We know that all of our patients, users and students have the necessary faculties to understand and to create multireflexology treatments.
    It is for this reason and to promote Dien Chan that we have designed this App Faceasit, an interactive pedagogical tool that is suitable for both the layperson and health practitioner.

  • Verwendung in der Gesichtsästhetik

    Faceasit provides instructions to use the diagrams of reflex points of the face along with the list of recommended tools. On the carousel on the right, the tools recommended for beauty treatments are highlighted.
    The fact file for each tool contains instructions for use in Chan’beauté the incredible natural æsthetic method www.ChanBeaute.com.

    Entdecken Sie die unglaubliche Technik natürlicher Ästhetik in der offiziellen Website des Chanbeauté.

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    [751] MiniBook of diagrams

    multireflex #751

    Very useful color pad to allways carry all the diagrams of reflection of Dien Chan.
    Ideal for the therapist and to practice wherever.
    Texts are in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

    Wie, sich um seine Werkzeuge kümmern

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    Die Multireflex Werkzeuge

    Die Multireflex Werkzeuge sind langlebig Handarbeit mit natürlichen Materialien. The multireflex tools are handcrafted by local Vietnamese artisans from horn (recovered from farm animals at the end of their natural life), wood and high quality metals. They offer fast, complementary results to both the heath care professional and natural aesthetic beauticians.
    The natural horn, wood and metals used in the manufacture of multireflex tools provide strength, elegance and efficiency.
    The tools are handcrafted to achieve lasting and profound results in facial and body reflexology.
    Much less expensive than cosmetics📌, the multireflex tools are beautiful useful and practical objects. They allow us to obtain very good results by combining their effects according to the care.
    📌 A multireflex tool it is for life while creams last one month!



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