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  • ChanBeauté'clinic

    All the Chan'beauté secrets!
    An incredible interactive magazine, full of protocols, formulae and practical treatments. An essential tool for biginner and for the natural esthetics professional!

    A new concept - Natural beauty!
    You will discover how emotional and physical balance is the essence of beauty, how aesthetic care can resolve internal conflicts and how you can regain harmony in your being.

    Much more than a simple application, the interactive magazine of Chan'beauté offers you natural solutions to rediscover your authentic beauty.
    Enrich of a therapeutic dimension your care of esthetics and well-being.

    Available 🇪🇸🇫🇷🇬🇧 www.chanbeaute.pro

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  • Uso terapeutico

    Protocols for all stages of life. Well beyond the unattainable ideals imposed by the beauty industry, we find the beauty in every individual. So, from the physical to the emotional we pamper every aspect of your being.

    Practical Notes to browse and use on your iPad.
    Information on technical, practical and personal advice, along with precise formulas for care, are all at your fingertips.
    To browse, put your iPad in the vertical position. For treatments place it in the horizontal position.

    The Dien Chan formulas, that are dedicated to the aesthetic Chan'beauté, can be directly accessed or searched and display the main multireflexology diagrams of reflection. These diagrams show the relationship between the face and the internal organs.

    Venus Step-by-step: The power of multireflexology serving natural beauty.
    This section guides you easily through each step; from facial diagnosis and talking to your client (i.e. learning to ask the right questions), to discovering how to apply the therapeutic solutions in relation to the disorder; wrinkles, scars, blemishes and much, much more.

    +info: www.chanbeaute.pro

  • Ottimizzate il vostro trattamento

    A new interactive magazine to consult, study and above all - work with.
    Many professionals still believe that withholding information gives them advantages. However, at EiMDC (the International School of Multireflexology – Dien Chan) we disagree with the argument that «information is power».... It is not! We are convinced that, contrary to widespread opinion, withholding knowledge is a great hindrance to society. We have to overcome the «ego trap».
    With that in mind we are proud to offer our extensive facial multireflexology - Dien Chan experience, teaching experience and other shared talents in the new interactive aesthetic magazine: Chan'beauté.

    During two years and with a very active team of researchers, everyone's shared experiences, our students questions and their experiences, we are now offering a wonderful, completely informative reference publicaton for Chan’beauté; the incredible natural beauty technique.
    With our many years of working as therapists, and teaching in many countries we offer in great detail, the topics and application of Chan’beauté. It is now much easier for students to study and understand the concepts of this multireflexology modality.

  • Utilizzazione in estetica

    The trend today is for relaxing, natural care and many Wellness professionals and Spas have asked us for advice on how to integrate the therapeutic aspects of Chan’beauté into their aesthetic treatments.

    The secret?
    As a professional beautician who practices Chan'beauté you can offer services and care that break the boundaries of established expectations.
    Thanks to simple common sense techniques your talent achieves the best results in a natural way without toxins or aggressive procedures (no need for expensive machines or magical creams) and adds a therapeutic dimension to your treatments. In fact, boosted by your delicate stimulations, the active ingredients of a quality, natural cream, applied at the end of a Chan’beauté treatment, means using less product.
    In addition clients will visit you not only for your skills, talent and aptitude to personalize each treatment, but because you also share your knowledge; offering them sustainable and ethical solutions.

    To help you we have transformed our study notebook into a functional and enlightening magazine, ready for you to discover and practice this incredible technique.
    Practical treatments, dedicated Protocols, the Venus step-by-step segment for every wrinkle and facial blemish, therapeutic Formulas and many other chapters are finally gathered into a single work.
    A beautiful, illustrated, feminine magazine... that breathes.

    And why not take advantage of technology? The magazine is interactive, easy to consult and very easy to update.

    Scoprite l'incredibile tecnica di estetica naturale nel sito ufficiale del Chan'beauté.

  • Scheda tecnica

    Scheda tecnica nº804.
    Volume: | Peso:
    Materiale di fabbricazione: molta materia grigia.
    Fabbricazione: FileMaker Pro

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    [252] Beauty-brush

    multireflex #252

    Strumento principe del Chan'beauté per fare i massaggi tonificanti in qualsiasi momento della giornata. Ideale per combattere le imperfezioni della pelle e l'affaticamento.

    Come prendere cura dei suoi attrezzi

    Istruzioni sulla pagina:


    Gli attrezzi multireflex

    Gli strumenti multireflex sono realizzati in corno naturale recuperato da agricoltura tradizionale. Nessun animale ha sofferto o è stato allevato per il suo corno.
    Strumenti di alta qualità manufatti artigianalmente in modo sostenibile, che portano a risultati rapidi e complementari nel settore sanitari e quello di estetica naturale.
    Riattivando la microcircolazione sanguigna e linfatica, si riequilibra il flusso di energia grazie agli effetti disperdenti, idratanti e rinfrescanti (yin) e dei suoi poteri di canalizzare, tonificare, riscaldare, e in fine seccare (yang).
    Molto meno costoso di prodotti di bellezza📌, gli strumenti multireflex sono oggetti belli, utili e pratici per la consultazione e per mantenerli nella borsa.
    Ci permettono di ottenere ottimi risultati combinando i loro effetti secondo trattamento.
    📌 strumento multireflex è per la vita, mentre una crema dura solo un mese.



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