Authentic beauty


Authentic beauty

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Including a pretty jewel of Chan’beauté, the essential Yin-yang roller and the famous Comet Detector, this kit has its place in your travel kit.
A marvellous introduction to natural aesthetics and therapeutic well-being.

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The gestures in Dien Chan as in Chan’beauté must be done at low pressure, with an elegant and light touch.
The softer the massage, the deeper the effect.
It is important to point out that treating often in short sessions is much more effective than too long sessions spaced out in time.

Results are quick and visible in terms of anti-wrinkle care, dark circles and skin elasticity.
To treat spots and warts, we need to allow between 3 and 5 weeks to see the improvements.

For comprehensive care, the ideal is to break down the protocol into several steps, because in Chan’beauté we use the projection of reflexion diagrams to reach the cause.
For example, if we are treating a blemish on the chin, we will be able to ask the client if she has pain in her feet or ankles, as the diagram of the extremities tells us.
We can also go for a disorder of the bladder or the urinary system in general. In this case, it’s the diagram of the internal organs on the face that lets us know.

All the advice on Chan’beauté —the therapeutic aesthetic method—, is in the interactive magazine of Chan’beauté which can be downloaded from
Anne Hilarius-Ford in collaboration with the ISMDC, is pleased to offer you these authentic jewels of health:
Multireflex tools nº: #133 #206 #252

The kit is made up of several multireflex tools very useful to you in approaching many treatments.
▸ From this list, you can find out more about each of them by clicking the ✚info.
If the complete kit does not suit you, you can use the buy button of each desired reference to acquire them individually.

Multireflex tool nº133

▸ The Comet nº133

The Comet detector is generally used for detoxifying, creating balance and the Reflex-drainage protocol.

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Multireflex tool nº206

▸ The Yin-yang roller nº206

Yin and yang in your pocket!
A balanced, essential tool generally used for facial and natural beauty treatments, it can also be very useful for treating smaller body parts, including the fingers.

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Multireflex tool nº252

▸ The Beauty-brush nº252

This is the essential Chan’beauté tool for giving a toning massage at any time. Ideal for combating skin blemishes and fatigue.

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