• The Yang health ball

    The Dien Chan Yang health ball, both professional and personal, is a must-have in your bag. Easy to use, it allows for free stimulation of medium-sized areas at any time of the day.

    A 4cm (1.6in) diameter sphere with spikes, its rapid yang effect revitalises blood and lymphatic microcirculation. It provides the opportunity to self-treat numerous reflex zones of the body.

    Crafted by hand and thanks to the biological characteristics of natural horn, it allows direct contact with the skin. Unlike plastic, the antiseptic properties of this noble material respect the skin’s microbiota.

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  • Therapeutic functions

    To enhance the rebalancing effect, roll the local area for about 3 minutes. Direct stimulations on the skin without pressure and drawing spirals are recommended. In case of injury or recent scar, roll around or on the opposite side. Repeat the massage up to 3 times with 2-minute breaks.

    The Yang health ball has many therapeutic applications, especially in cases of yin symptoms, requiring heating, energising, and drying.

    🔸Menstrual syndromes:
    To treat painful periods, roll for 3 minutes on the inner part of the forearm near the elbow fold until feeling warmth in the lower abdomen. Complete the treatment by stimulating specific bqc·points on the face.

    🔸Respiratory disorders:
    Promote breathing by rolling the Yang health ball between the palms for 4 minutes, referring to the reflex diagram of hands and internal organs on the face.

    🔸Insomnia and cold extremities:
    To combat insomnia due to cold feet, roll the ball between your foot and the mattress for a few minutes at bedtime to vitalize blood circulation.

    The Dien Chan application called Faceasit offers an abundance of Dien Chan care formulas. Learn how to build a complete Dien Chan protocol at DienChan.faceasit.com/en.
    All Dien Chan diagrams are available in the MiniBook, Faceasit application, and publications of ISMDC.

    Body tool with a yang effect: rolling it on the affected area quickly rebalances the body by revitalizing blood microcirculation, drying, and reducing volumes while firming the skin.

    Keep a health ball in your pocket, as whenever you detect an imbalance or mood swing, you will instinctively roll it between your fingers.

  • Empower your treatment

    The use of the Yang health ball generates a pleasant sensation. Avoid producing a bruise by gently and consistently rolling. Use it directly in contact with the skin all over the body, with pressure adapted to the person’s sensitivity. Avoid injuries and stitches and only work around recent scars.

    Revisit the 8 multireflexological principles of Dien Chan for a comprehensive usage. Stimulate in three phases, letting the skin rest for about 3 minutes between each massage.

    You can start studying Dien Chan reflex diagrams with the Faceasit application. Learn how to develop a Dien Chan care procedure in the free folder at DienChan.faceasit.com/en.

    Body tool: yang effect
    Working on the affected area quickly and deeply rebalances the body. For a perfect complement to facial treatment, it is recommended to start with a local yang stimulation.
    Yang tools vitalize blood microcirculation, dry, and reduce volumes while firming the skin.

  • Chan❜beauté secret

    During an aesthetic session, the Yang health ball is a precious ally. Rolling it between the hands energises the energy circulation and improves results on the face.

    Our hands, face, and brain are closely linked. Promoting blood oxygenation and encouraging lymphatic movements are precious allies in natural beauty.

    Discover the incredible technique of natural esthetics and holistic wellbeing in the official site of Chan❜beauté.

    Yang body tools help reduce, dry, and vitalize the treated areas. They are very effective in relieving the sensation of heavy legs, dissolving cellulite, and firming tissues.

  • Tool specifications

    Data sheet nº432.
    Size: 4 x 4 x 4 cm | Weight: 30 grs.
    Made of: natural horn.
    Manufacturing: sustainable handicraft.

    Suggested complementary Tool:

    The Double mini yang ball

    multireflex tool nº307

    Easy to use on the face and body to relieve muscle tension, joint pain, stiffness, and for warming the extremities.
    It can be used to treat wrinkles, tone, and to combat fluid retention. On oily skin, use before applying any cosmetic products.

    The tools of Dien Chan

    Eco-friendly, multireflex tools are hand-crafted from natural horns from traditional farming so that no animal suffers or is bred for its antlers.

    Your instruments become authentic jewels of health thanks to the biological properties (antiseptic and antistatic) of the horn which does not disturb the cutaneous microbiota unlike the polluting plastic.
    We also use high-quality materials such as mimosa wood for medium and large handles and premium metals.

    True multireflex tools deliver fast and deep results for both health professionals and natural aesthetics.
    By reactivating the blood and lymphatic microcirculation, we rebalance the energy flow in two complementary ways:
    — The yin effects disperse, refresh and encourage the natural process of hydration.
    — Yang tools allow you to concentrate, tone, heat and dry.
    — Their actions improve the penetration index and reinforce the active ingredients of the products used thereafter.

    Much less expensive than cosmetics📌, multireflex tools are beautiful objects effective and practical in consultation as also to have them on all the time.
    We no longer count testimonies of individuals and professionals conquered in Europe and North America.

    📌 A multireflex tool is for life, while a cream only lasts a month!

    How to take care of your tools

    Instructions on the page:

  • 24€Yang health ball



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