Dien Chan tool nº308
Dien Chan tool nº308
  • Double mini yin roller

    This tool is for both facial and body use. It relieves hot joint pain, relaxes extremities and reduces stiffness in the neck.
    It hydrates and drains the skin and can be used before applying cosmetics.

    This tool can be used on the face and the body. It consists of two rollers with rounded prongs that generate yin effects on the treated area. It is gentle tool, the handle and size of the rollers make it easy to stimulate many reflex areas on the face with light, simple motion.
    The double mini yin roller can also be used specifically to treat and stimulate extremities and other areas of the body (neck, knees, wrists, ankles, etc.).

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  • Therapeutic use

    Roll the tool over the desired area for approximately 4 minutes, be sure not to apply too much pressure to the skin. Use a gentle back-and-forth motion similar to applying makeup. This reactivates microcirculation in the treated area and mobilizes the body fluids. The tool design glides perfectly to the contours of the face and smaller areas of the body.

    Secret of pros

  • Empower your treatment

    Highly effective for cooling and relaxing the treated area, the double mini yin roller can be used for many disorders.
This yin tool encourages blood and lymph microcirculation.
    It promotes joint lubrication by activating body fluids. In cases of pain accompanied by heat, roll for about 3 minutes for relief. It can be used at least once a day. If the sensation is one of cold, use the yang version of the tool, the double mini yang ball (nº307).

    Tool for use on the face and body with yin effects

    Although this is a small tool, it can be used both on the face and on parts of the body. It is most practical and pleasant on the hands and feet, the neck and nape, wrists and ankles or groin and breasts.
    To calm, dissipate, cool, hydrate and relax, we need yin effects to mobilize the body fluids and prevent stagnation and dryness.
    Chan’beauté (beauty therapies) works on blemishes and regulates hydration of the skin using yin tools.

  • Chan'beauté use

    In using this tool for beauty treatments, it complements the effects of the double mini yang ball (nº307).
    It smooths wrinkles, drains retained liquid and nourishes facial muscles. 
The combination of the two tools is essential for deep, long-lasting results.
    The double mini yin roller is highly recommended for dry skin that has lost its firmness and shows signs of fatigue.

    Discover the incredible technique of natural esthetics in the official site of Chan'beauté.

  • Tool specifications

    Data sheet nº308.
    Size: 16 x 5 x 3 cm | Weight: 43 grs.
    Made of: plastic and stainless steel.
    Manufacturing: sustainable handicraft.

    Complementary tool

    Double mini yang ball nº307

    multireflex #207

    Easy to use on the face and body to relieve muscle tension, joint pain, stiffness, and for warming the extremities.
    It can be used to treat wrinkles, tone, and to combat fluid retention. On oily skin, use before applying any cosmetic products.

    The tools of Dien Chan

    Eco-friendly, multireflex tools are hand-crafted from natural horns from traditional farming so that no animal suffers or is bred for its antlers.

    Your instruments become authentic jewels of health thanks to the biological properties (antiseptic and antistatic) of the horn which does not disturb the cutaneous microbiota unlike the polluting plastic.
    We also use high-quality materials such as mimosa wood for medium and large handles and premium metals.

    True multireflex tools deliver fast and deep results for both health professionals and natural aesthetics.
    By reactivating the blood and lymphatic microcirculation, we rebalance the energy flow in two complementary ways:
    — The yin effects disperse, refresh and encourage the natural process of hydration.
    — Yang tools allow you to concentrate, tone, heat and dry.
    — Their actions improve the penetration index and reinforce the active ingredients of the products used thereafter.

    Much less expensive than cosmetics📌, multireflex tools are beautiful objects effective and practical in consultation as also to have them on all the time.
    We no longer count testimonies of individuals and professionals conquered in Europe and North America.

    📌 A multireflex tool is for life, while a cream only lasts a month!

    How to take care of your tools

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