Dien Chan tool nº708
  • Express care cards

    Superb healing set of cards from the experts of Dien Chan.
    Printed in color, you will always have effective protocols on hand which allows you to quickly start your session.

    How to quickly attack your care? How do you always have inspiration cards on hand?
    Here is a set of 10 treatment protocol cards printed in full color on high quality cardboard.
    These healing cards (7.5cm x 10cm) are your new secret weapon for fast and deep results in Dien Chan.

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  • Therapeutic use

    On the front, each card offers you the care diagram with its bqc·points and coloured areas to guide you through the instructions on the back.

    Here is the list of protocols offered, knowing that each of them will also be useful as a basis to complete to personalize your treatment:
    - Face lift
    - Discomfort during pregnancy
    - Regulation for menopause
    - Treat acne
    - Fight exhaustion
    - Strengthen your emotional sphere
    - Relieve acute pain
    - Treat vertigo
    - Headaches and migraine
    - Premenstrual syndrome

    Secret of pros

    We have considered highlighting combinations of bqc·points in color in the text and on the treatment diagram to help you refine your treatment.
    To enhance the effects of the resulting formula, apply small squares of heat patches on each of the points.
    Consult the heating stamps sheet nº to learn more about this technique.

  • Empower your treatment

    Choose the protocol that best suits the situation and test each bqc·point using Multireflex Detector nº101.
    Select the most sensitive and consult the back of the card to fully understand the effects and indications of each.
    This will allow you to specify the origin of the disorder and to better understand the treatment.
    Then stimulate each of the bqc·points kept either with your Detector (nº101 or nº103) or with the Small-hammer yin-yang nº128.

    There are three models of Dien Chan point stimulators: The Smooth Sphere Detector nº, the Yang Ball Detector nº and the Comet nº which is equipped with a larger detector for sensitive skin.

  • Chan'beauté use

    Express care cards allow you to take care of your client’s general condition. Once the person is well prepared and relaxed, your Chan❜beauté protocol will be even more effective.
    In the list of proposed protocols, notice that some of them are perfect bases to complete depending on the imperfection you have to treat.

    Discover the incredible technique of natural esthetics in the official site of Chan'beauté.

  • Tool specifications

    Data sheet nº708.
    Size: 7,6 x 10,3 x ,4 cm | Weight: 45 grs.
    Made of: white paper and soft cover in colors.
    Manufacturing: offset printing of high quality.

    Small rake - Yin cylinder nº219

    multireflex #219

    The small size of this essential yin tool makes it easy to carry around and works best to relieve migraines, heatstroke, hot flushes, etc. Also very useful in calming and combating insomnia.

    The tools of Dien Chan

    Eco-friendly, multireflex tools are hand-crafted from natural horns from traditional farming so that no animal suffers or is bred for its antlers.

    Your instruments become authentic jewels of health thanks to the biological properties (antiseptic and antistatic) of the horn which does not disturb the cutaneous microbiota unlike the polluting plastic.
    We also use high-quality materials such as mimosa wood for medium and large handles and premium metals.

    True multireflex tools deliver fast and deep results for both health professionals and natural aesthetics.
    By reactivating the blood and lymphatic microcirculation, we rebalance the energy flow in two complementary ways:
    — The yin effects disperse, refresh and encourage the natural process of hydration.
    — Yang tools allow you to concentrate, tone, heat and dry.
    — Their actions improve the penetration index and reinforce the active ingredients of the products used thereafter.

    Much less expensive than cosmetics📌, multireflex tools are beautiful objects effective and practical in consultation as also to have them on all the time.
    We no longer count testimonies of individuals and professionals conquered in Europe and North America.

    📌 A multireflex tool is for life, while a cream only lasts a month!

    How to take care of your tools

    Instructions on the page:
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