Attrezzi Dien Chan nº908
  • 3 posters of Dien Chan

    Complete set of 3 essential posters (60x40cm).
    - The front map with all bqc·points
    - The side map.
    - The 4 main facial reflexology diagrams.

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  • Uso terapeutico

    Professionisti segreti

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  • Scoprite l'incredibile tecnica di estetica naturale nel sito ufficiale del Chan'beauté.

  • Scheda tecnica

    Scheda tecnica nº908.
    Volume: 40 x 60 x ,1 cm | Peso: 100 grs.
    Materiale di fabbricazione: qualità alta cartone luccicante.
    Fabbricazione: impressione offset di alta qualità.

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    Libricino di schemi nº751

    multireflex #751

    Di ridotte dimensioni, utile per avere sempre a portata di mano gli schemi di riflesso del DienChan. A colori e con i punti fondamentali è molto apprezzato dai fisioterapisti che da coloro che si occupano di estetica naturale Chan’beauté. Il formato 11x 11 permette di illustrare al paziente i nostri consigli.

    The tools of Dien Chan

    Eco-friendly, multireflex tools are hand-crafted from natural horns from traditional farming so that no animal suffers or is bred for its antlers.

    Your instruments become authentic jewels of health thanks to the biological properties (antiseptic and antistatic) of the horn which does not disturb the cutaneous microbiota unlike the polluting plastic.
    We also use high-quality materials such as mimosa wood for medium and large handles and premium metals.

    True multireflex tools deliver fast and deep results for both health professionals and natural aesthetics.
    By reactivating the blood and lymphatic microcirculation, we rebalance the energy flow in two complementary ways:
    — The yin effects disperse, refresh and encourage the natural process of hydration.
    — Yang tools allow you to concentrate, tone, heat and dry.
    — Their actions improve the penetration index and reinforce the active ingredients of the products used thereafter.

    Much less expensive than cosmetics📌, multireflex tools are beautiful objects effective and practical in consultation as also to have them on all the time.
    We no longer count testimonies of individuals and professionals conquered in Europe and North America.

    📌 A multireflex tool is for life, while a cream only lasts a month!

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