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Updated — Thursday16 of November 2023

Filters in the menu. The Dien Chan ebooks are an essential educational support for natural treatments in facial reflexology. Learning to follow a personalized «care plan» brings you better results.

eBook «3 types of skin»


Unveil the secrets of beautiful skin with Chan❜beauté!
In this eBook, let’s explore how to naturally treat the three skin types to restore elasticity, suppleness, and radiance.
Unlock the true potential of your skin with our guidance on harnessing the power of Chan❜beauté protocols. Dive into the fascinating world of natural skincare by regulating the vital functions of the entire body.

eBook «3 types of skin»

Gain in-depth knowledge about the holistic approach of Dien Chan experts and discover techniques to nourish and enhance your skin’s natural functions. Elevate your skincare routine to new heights and unlock the true beauty within you!
Furthermore, these protocols help boost the effectiveness of the cream applied afterwards.

The multitude of cosmetics offered by the industry makes it challenging when we are not fully aware of our skin’s characteristics. It is necessary to understand our skin type to make the right choices.
There are three types: oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin.
Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté experts offer tailored natural skincare routines for each type.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards healthy and radiant skin? Get your copy of this educational handbook today and experience the transformative power of Chan❜beauté!

Without preparing the ground, the only benefit of a cosmetic product is the massage applied while spreading it.
Despite the claims of the chemical industry, our body is naturally capable of renewing its collagen. Although our synthesis capacity decreases with age, these Chan’beauté rituals inhibit the decline in production.
It is therefore important to understand what the yang and yin effects practically bring to you with the help of multireflex tools.
We offer you a gesture adapted to the three skin types so that you can push the limits of your beauty care.

Regulate the exchanges: energise your skin’s remarkable ability to eliminate toxins and absorb nourishing elements, promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.

Increase protection: strengthen the protective barrier that shields you from external aggression and preserves the natural beauty of your skin.

Improve respiration: boost the potential of your skin’s ventilation process, promoting cellular vitality for a luminous and youthful appearance.

Gently stimulating the surfaces to be treated by alternating between yang then yin effects, that is our secret. For total respect of our skin, we cannot use cheap instruments and products that can be dangerous.

These fatigue our immune system which then expresses itself on the epidermis. Unbalanced skin is more fragile and offers an ideal ground for imperfections.
The same applies to the instruments used. Choose genuine multireflex tools made of noble and natural materials to avoid polluting plastic.

Knowing your skin type allows you to identify the most appropriate skincare protocol to strengthen it and achieve optimal balance.

In this handbook, we delve into each protocol according to the skin type and provide guidance on the proper techniques to use.

Discover the infallible secret of Chan❜beauté for sublime skin!
By utilising specific techniques with multireflex tools, combined with a holistic approach, you can finally achieve radiant and healthy-looking skin.

The first key element of this method is a personalised approach. We understand that each individual is unique and that their skin’s needs vary. That’s why we emphasise precisely identifying the specific requirements of the skin, whether it’s hydration, sebum regulation, or wrinkle reduction. This enables us to select the most suitable techniques and products for your particular case.

Next, we use multireflex tools that play a crucial role in the skincare process. These delicate instruments are designed to stimulate reflex zones on the face based on specific reflex patterns. By relaxing facial muscles, promoting microcirculation, and enhancing the absorption of skincare products, these tools contribute to better blood circulation, toxin elimination, and cellular regeneration. The result is healthier, more radiant, and more vibrant skin.

Another important aspect of Chan❜beauté is the stimulation of facial reflex points. By combining these points according to precise formulas, we can strengthen the care provided and target the very source of blockages or issues manifesting on your face.

Finally, we strongly encourage the use of natural and organic products to complement your Chan❜beauté session. Vegetable oils, plant extracts, and essential oils are preferred for their nourishing, regeneration, and soothing properties. By opting for natural ingredients, you provide your skin with better benefits without subjecting it to potentially harmful chemicals.

By following a Chan❜beauté skincare plan, you can truly enhance the health and appearance of your skin in a natural and harmonious way. So, let yourself be tempted by this innovative approach and discover the gains of beautiful, radiant skin!

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3 TYPES OF SKIN ⭐︎ 14,40€
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eBook «Stress and nervous system»


Studies have confirmed that Dien Chan point stimulation reduces stress and anxiety levels, improves sleep quality, and helps manage chronic pain.
In our modern society, we are often overwhelmed by the fast pace of our daily lives, which disconnects us from ourselves. When our nervous balance is disrupted, negative emotions such as fear, worry, sadness, anger, and even loneliness may arise. These emotional imbalances can also affect our nervous system, impacting our overall well-being and causing various health issues.

eBook «Stress and nervous system»

Dien Chan is an effective and natural method for managing stress and issues related to the nervous system. With proven results, this method is increasingly recognized as a viable alternative to medications and invasive treatments.

We rely on the discoveries of Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, who succeeded in alleviating withdrawal symptoms in his drug-addicted patients. Simple daily techniques can calm the nervous system and relax the muscles to eliminate accumulated tensions.

In this brochure, we detail the protocol for regulating the nervous system. Learn to effectively use the multireflex tools to avoid the discomfort caused by stress.

Stress management in Dien Chan involves gently raking the scalp with the Yin rake nº416 to regulate cerebral and energetic microcirculation. It is then necessary to identify the type of stress and translate this information to detect repressed emotions.

We then use bqc·point formulas that strengthen the treatment and stabilise the nervous system.

If the person experiences a noticeable change accompanied by a sense of calm, the treatment is considered successful. We can then offer the «Antistress» chart and recommend acquiring the Little-hammer for daily use.

Thanks to our knowledge and powers of observation, we are able to act immediately by engaging in dialogue with the client or conducting introspective analysis for self-treatment. Dien Chan invites us to deepen our knowledge and explore different approaches to strengthen our care. We draw on both Western medicine definitions and explanations from traditional Chinese medicine.

By understanding the physical and emotional effects triggered by stress, we can regain the calm and tranquility we all aspire to. Embrace this natural method that gently rebalances your nervous system.

To achieve optimal results in your quest to rebalance the nervous system, follow the simple and precise steps described in this eBook.
First, we create a conducive environment for the person to relax. Then, we ask specific questions to locate dysfunctions.
After that, we select the most appropriate reflection scheme and use the multireflex tools to work on facial reflex zones.
Next, we apply a suitable bqc·points formula and engage in an exchange with the client to assess the sensations and relief experienced.

With this exceptional method, you can achieve the optimal results you seek in rebalancing your nervous system.


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eBook «Migraine and headaches»


Inspired by the extraordinary results of Professor Bùi Quôc Châu in his detox center, our care protocols are designed to act directly and easily on your vital functions through gentle stimulation on the face.
Discover Dien Chan solutions to effectively treat your headaches now!

eBook «Migraine and headaches»

Discover Dien Chan solutions to effectively treat migraines and headaches in our exclusive booklet.
Headaches are often caused by muscle tension, digestive problems, or stress. Our Dien Chan approach allows for the release of energetic blockages and strengthens the missions of each organ to effectively relieve these symptoms.

Enriched by our clinical research, our care protocols are very effective for many disorders. They help you restore balance to your nervous system by providing precise and pleasant care to calm and strengthen all the actors involved.

Our eBook teaches you how to manage stress, often the cause of headaches, and understand other possible causes to give you a broader vision of recovery solutions. Learn how to redirect Qi to the anatomical area to fight against energetic blockage and regain your well-being.


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The «6 essential tools»


Discover the multireflex tools with our informative video and receive a free booklet to answer all your questions!
Transform your facial care routine with the essential six-tool Dien Chan kit. These versatile instruments can also target specific parts of the body for complete use.

The «6 essential tools»

Selected for their unique effects, our six Dien Chan instruments are essential for a gentle initiation.

Begin to explore all the possibilities offered by Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté with this collection of multireflex tools.
Our list of tools and their descriptions will give you an in-depth understanding of the benefits of facial stimulation.
In addition, our two detailed Chan❜beauté protocols are accompanied by inspiring tips to improve your care routine.

Take advantage of our special offer to get the complete kit at a discounted price, or browse our catalog to purchase individual tools.

Experience the practical and holistic approach of Dien Chan today with our informative chart on yin and yang concepts in Chan❜beauté.
Adapt to the expression of your affection with this comprehensive approach.

The remarkable effects of each multireflex tool rely on their yin and yang classification, which allows us to restore balance to our body.

By accepting that pathology results from a disturbance between two complementary energies, we can treat all disorders more accurately.
Choose a more precise approach with Dien Chan!

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eBook «Menopause and hormones»


Discover the power of Dien Chan to relieve the discomforts of menopause and naturally balance your hormonal system!
Our experts guide you through effective actions to alleviate the manifestations associated with this natural stage of aging.
Immerse yourself in a world of well-being and relief by learning simple therapeutic gestures.
Order now and transform your daily life with the exclusive «Menopause and Hormones».

eBook «Menopause and hormones»

Explore the effective actions of the original facial reflexology method to attenuate the uncomfortable manifestations of this normal stage of aging.
Forget the daily hassles and adopt a natural approach to regain your hormonal balance.

This comprehensive guide will lead you through simple and accessible protocols. Ideal for beginners gives you the keys to apply Dien Chan techniques and alleviate the discomforts of menopause, including hot flashes.

Dien Chan is a remarkably effective method for treating energetic blockages, organic dysfunctions, and disruptions of vital fluids.
Take control of your health and live in harmony with your body by discovering practical solutions to regulate your hormonal system.
With expert advice and complementary bqc·points formulas, you will maximise the results.

Start practising now and free yourself from the uncomfortable expressions of menopause.

However, it is essential to consult a doctor before stopping any medical treatment. Dien Chan does not replace medical advice, but it offers a non-invasive and natural approach to consider in the first place.

Just as we take care of our bodies through physical exercise, nurture your inner well-being by practising Dien Chan. Do not let menopause disrupt your quality of life and pave the way for harmonious hormonal balance and lasting comfort.

In this brochure, discover the closely guarded secrets of Dien Chan to cope with the discomforts of menopause.
Our experts reveal advanced methods and exclusive tips to treat energetic blockages, restore organic dysfunctions, and balance vital fluids.

Unleash your full potential with this revolutionary method and regain optimal quality of life.
Order this «Menopause and Hormonal Regulation» brochure now and explore the secrets of Dien Chan for a serene and fulfilling menopause.


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eBook «Emotional balance»


This practical guide offers an innovative approach by combining solutions proposed by major medical trends with specific Dien Chan techniques. Through targeted care and reflex stimulations, we will address the management of emotions in a comprehensive and holistic manner.
In this eBook, we will also explore the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that correspond to the energetic functions of organ-viscera pairs. By acting on these elements and their associated organs, we can specifically examine and treat each emotion.
This booklet is designed to provide you with practical tools and innovative approaches to better manage the emotional sphere using Dien Chan techniques.

eBook «Emotional balance»

We understand that the human body is an indivisible unit, and our care must therefore be holistic, accompanied by advice from your experiences and other disciplines you practice.

We start by regulating the nervous system, which plays a key role in emotion management and the release of tensions accumulated in the shoulder girdle, often related to stress. In addition, we enhance the effects by stimulating the reflex zones of the involved organs.

Western medicine considers the brain and nervous system as the main players in emotion management. We will use this knowledge to translate these insights into therapeutic gestures through Dien Chan care protocols that promote inner tranquility.

Once stress is under control, we will approach each emotion precisely. The classification of natural phenomena into the five elements of TCM will be our guide. These elements are closely related to certain vital organs and fundamental emotions.

By working from the face, we can directly interact with a specific emotion by rebalancing the involved organs and restoring harmony to the corresponding element. This will allow us to address somatic manifestations caused by these organic imbalances while ensuring the spread of revitalized organ energy throughout the body.

How to relax and balance our emotional sphere through Dien Chan?
This unique approach combines knowledge from Eastern wisdom and Western medicine to help us regain relaxation and mental balance.

Based on the overall condition of each person, we translate this knowledge into yin and yang therapeutic gestures using multireflex tools.
Guided by the reflection diagrams projected on the face and the fixed point diagrams, we can quickly achieve deep balance and significant results.
In other words, thanks to the bqc·points and the Dien Chan diagrams of reflexion, we are able to combine these Western and TCM indications; well-being, quality of life, consciousness.

The Western approach focuses on calming the nervous system, while Traditional Chinese Medicine divides emotions into groups governed by energies known as the five movements: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood.

This booklet focuses on regulating the five emotional spheres, offering you practical tools to restore emotional balance in your daily life.

Even if your patient did not schedule an appointment for a specific emotional disorder, it is always interesting, through dialogue, to detect any repressed feelings. With knowledge of the relationships between elements and emotions according to TCM, we can complement the treatment of the nervous system with specific stimulations of the relevant organs.

Don’t forget your empathic talent by encouraging your patients to take care of their mental health, avoid excesses of social media and anxiety-provoking information. Foster indulgence towards oneself and encourage the search for solutions rather than withdrawal.

Therapists recommend their patients to hold the Yang health ball nº432 in their hands during the session. Its texture, with small spikes, stimulates the energy needed to regain control. This exercise also acts on the 5 elements through palm reflexology.

Moreover, by prioritising horn over plastic, the Yang health ball nº432 avoids the production of disruptive static electricity and has antiseptic properties.

This multireflexology tool is a must-have that should always be within reach. At any time of the day, if we feel an emotional imbalance, simply touch and roll it between our fingers to quickly restore balance and improve blood microcirculation in the hands, which are reflex zones of the entire head.


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eBook «Antiwrinkle with Chan'beauté»


Unveil the secrets of Chan❜beauté with the «Antiwrinkle» eBook.
Because the face is the mirror of the soul and reflects our inner balance, we invite you to discover the insights of this natural beauty and holistic well-being method that revolutionises the approach to skincare.
Push the boundaries of your aesthetic approach and reveal the inner youthfulness of your face.

eBook «Antiwrinkle with Chan'beauté»

Immerse yourself in the world of Chan❜beauté and learn how to diminish wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, and prevent the