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Filters in the menu. The Dien Chan ebooks are an essential educational support for natural treatments in facial reflexology. Learning to follow a personalized «care plan» brings you better results.

eBook «Mucular tension»


Muscle tensions are a common issue faced by many people in their daily lives. These tensions can arise due to various reasons, such as stress, poor posture, or muscle overload.
Understanding the nature of these tensions and knowing how to treat them effectively is essential for maintaining overall well-being and improving quality of life.

eBook «Mucular tension»

In this eBook, we explore the solutions offered by Dien Chan using the yin and yang effects of multireflex tools:
— Hydrate and drain to revitalise your muscles and eliminate toxins.
— Soften and tone to gain flexibility and strengthen.
— Soothe to calm and resist future tensions.
— Relax to loosen muscle contractions.
— Distribute nutrients deeply to promote overall well-being and relief.
— Energize to invigorate.

Allocate a few minutes each day to address muscle tensions and witness significant improvements over time.
Each technique is designed to be intuitive and can be integrated into your daily routine.

Consistency is key when managing muscle tensions.
While these techniques offer immediate relief, regular practice ensures long-term benefits.
Make it a habit to incorporate these methods into your daily self-care routine to maintain optimal muscle health.

For deeper results, consider combining yin and yang approaches based on the description of the felt pain.
This may evolve over time and we explain in this guide how to distinguish them accurately for quicker successful management.

Dien Chan is a balanced natural approach that ensures comprehensive care and promotes holistic well-being.


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eBook «Migraine and headaches»


Inspired by the extraordinary results of Professor Bùi Quôc Châu in his detox center, our care protocols are designed to act directly and easily on your vital functions through gentle stimulation on the face.
Discover Dien Chan solutions to effectively treat your headaches now!

eBook «Migraine and headaches»

Discover Dien Chan solutions to effectively treat migraines and headaches in our exclusive booklet.
Headaches are often caused by muscle tension, digestive problems, or stress. Our Dien Chan approach allows for the release of energetic blockages and strengthens the missions of each organ to effectively relieve these symptoms.

Enriched by our clinical research, our care protocols are very effective for many disorders. They help you restore balance to your nervous system by providing precise and pleasant care to calm and strengthen all the actors involved.

Our eBook teaches you how to manage stress, often the cause of headaches, and understand other possible causes to give you a broader vision of recovery solutions. Learn how to redirect Qi to the anatomical area to fight against energetic blockage and regain your well-being.


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eBook «Stress and nervous system»


Studies have confirmed that Dien Chan point stimulation reduces stress and anxiety levels, improves sleep quality, and helps manage chronic pain.
In our modern society, we are often overwhelmed by the fast pace of our daily lives, which disconnects us from ourselves. When our nervous balance is disrupted, negative emotions such as fear, worry, sadness, anger, and even loneliness may arise. These emotional imbalances can also affect our nervous system, impacting our overall well-being and causing various health issues.

eBook «Stress and nervous system»

Dien Chan is an effective and natural method for managing stress and issues related to the nervous system. With proven results, this method is increasingly recognized as a viable alternative to medications and invasive treatments.

We rely on the discoveries of Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, who succeeded in alleviating withdrawal symptoms in his drug-addicted patients. Simple daily techniques can calm the nervous system and relax the muscles to eliminate accumulated tensions.

In this brochure, we detail the protocol for regulating the nervous system. Learn to effectively use the multireflex tools to avoid the discomfort caused by stress.

Stress management in Dien Chan involves gently raking the scalp with the Yin rake nº416 to regulate cerebral and energetic microcirculation. It is then necessary to identify the type of stress and translate this information to detect repressed emotions.

We then use bqc·point formulas that strengthen the treatment and stabilise the nervous system.

If the person experiences a noticeable change accompanied by a sense of calm, the treatment is considered successful. We can then offer the «Antistress» chart and recommend acquiring the Little-hammer for daily use.

Thanks to our knowledge and powers of observation, we are able to act immediately by engaging in dialogue with the client or conducting introspective analysis for self-treatment. Dien Chan invites us to deepen our knowledge and explore different approaches to strengthen our care. We draw on both Western medicine definitions and explanations from traditional Chinese medicine.

By understanding the physical and emotional effects triggered by stress, we can regain the calm and tranquility we all aspire to. Embrace this natural method that gently rebalances your nervous system.

To achieve optimal results in your quest to rebalance the nervous system, follow the simple and precise steps described in this eBook.
First, we create a conducive environment for the person to relax. Then, we ask specific questions to locate dysfunctions.
After that, we select the most appropriate reflection scheme and use the multireflex tools to work on facial reflex zones.
Next, we apply a suitable bqc·points formula and engage in an exchange with the client to assess the sensations and relief experienced.

With this exceptional method, you can achieve the optimal results you seek in rebalancing your nervous system.


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The «6 essential tools»


Discover the multireflex tools with our informative video and receive a free booklet to answer all your questions!
Transform your facial care routine with the essential six-tool Dien Chan kit. These versatile instruments can also target specific parts of the body for complete use.

The «6 essential tools»

Selected for their unique effects, our six Dien Chan instruments are essential for a gentle initiation.

Begin to explore all the possibilities offered by Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté with this collection of multireflex tools.
Our list of tools and their descriptions will give you an in-depth understanding of the benefits of facial stimulation.
In addition, our two detailed Chan❜beauté protocols are accompanied by inspiring tips to improve your care routine.

Take advantage of our special offer to get the complete kit at a discounted price, or browse our catalog to purchase individual tools.

Experience the practical and holistic approach of Dien Chan today with our informative chart on yin and yang concepts in Chan❜beauté.
Adapt to the expression of your affection with this comprehensive approach.

The remarkable effects of each multireflex tool rely on their yin and yang classification, which allows us to restore balance to our body.

By accepting that pathology results from a disturbance between two complementary energies, we can treat all disorders more accurately.
Choose a more precise approach with Dien Chan!

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eBook «Menopause and hormones»


Discover the power of Dien Chan to relieve the discomforts of menopause and naturally balance your hormonal system!
Our experts guide you through effective actions to alleviate the manifestations associated with this natural stage of aging.
Immerse yourself in a world of well-being and relief by learning simple therapeutic gestures.
Order now and transform your daily life with the exclusive «Menopause and Hormones».

eBook «Menopause and hormones»

Explore the effective actions of the original facial reflexology method to attenuate the uncomfortable manifestations of this normal stage of aging.
Forget the daily hassles and adopt a natural approach to regain your hormonal balance.

This comprehensive guide will lead you through simple and accessible protocols. Ideal for beginners gives you the keys to apply Dien Chan techniques and alleviate the discomforts of menopause, including hot flashes.

Dien Chan is a remarkably effective method for treating energetic blockages, organic dysfunctions, and disruptions of vital fluids.
Take control of your health and live in harmony with your body by discovering practical solutions to regulate your hormonal system.
With expert advice and complementary bqc·points formulas, you will maximise the results.

Start practising now and free yourself from the uncomfortable expressions of menopause.

However, it is essential to consult a doctor before stopping any medical treatment. Dien Chan does not replace medical advice, but it offers a non-invasive and natural approach to consider in the first place.

Just as we take care of our bodies through physical exercise, nurture your inner well-being by practising Dien Chan. Do not let menopause disrupt your quality of life and pave the way for harmonious hormonal balance and lasting comfort.

In this brochure, discover the closely guarded secrets of Dien Chan to cope with the discomforts of menopause.
Our experts reveal advanced methods and exclusive tips to treat energetic blockages, restore organic dysfunctions, and balance vital fluids.

Unleash your full potential with this revolutionary method and regain optimal quality of life.
Order this «Menopause and Hormonal Regulation» brochure now and explore the secrets of Dien Chan for a serene and fulfilling menopause.


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eBook «12 morning massages»


Discover the powers of the 12 Dien Chan massages to preserve health, improve body tone, and stimulate self-regulation every morning. For lasting health and preserved youth, nothing beats the 12 Dien Chan massages.

eBook «12 morning massages»

These simple yet powerful exercises are an effective tool against various ailments, providing vitality to the skin and body. These massages form an ideal morning routine to stimulate our self-regulation process, the best defense against internal imbalances.
Inspired by Tai Chi movements, the precision and comprehensiveness of the 12 Dien Chan massages come from Dien Chan reflex diagrams Each gesture is explained through these patterns, offering a targeted and holistic approach.

To incorporate these massages into your routine, practice them diligently for the first three weeks. Then, choose the ones that best suit your age and physical condition.
• For the lazier ones, massage #7 strengthens the immune system in winter, while #4 provides a natural solution to regulate intestinal transit.

Share these massages with your clients and friends. They have already transformed the lives of many enthusiasts, awakening the natural vitality of their bodies.

To facilitate transmission, we provide an illustrated PDF document and an explanatory video.
Preserve your well-being every morning with the 12 Dien Chan massages, a practice that combines traditional wisdom and tangible results.

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eBook «Emotional balance»


This practical guide offers an innovative approach by combining solutions proposed by major medical trends with specific Dien Chan techniques. Through targeted care and reflex stimulations, we will address the management of emotions in a comprehensive and holistic manner.
In this eBook, we will also explore the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that correspond to the energetic functions of organ-viscera pairs. By acting on these elements and their associated organs, we can specifically examine and treat each emotion.
This booklet is designed to provide you with practical tools and innovative approaches to better manage the emotional sphere using Dien Chan techniques.

eBook «Emotional balance»

We understand that the human body is an indivisible unit, and our care must therefore be holistic, accompanied by advice from your experiences and other disciplines you practice.

We start by regulating the nervous system, which plays a key role in emotion management and the release of tensions accumulated in the shoulder girdle, often related to stress. In addition, we enhance the effects by stimulating the reflex zones of the involved organs.

Western medicine considers the brain and nervous system as the main players in emotion management. We will use this knowledge to translate these insights into therapeutic gestures through Dien Chan care protocols that promote inner tranquility.

Once stress is under control, we will approach each emotion precisely. The classification of natural phenomena into the five elements of TCM will be our guide. These elements are closely related to certain vital organs and fundamental emotions.

By working from the face, we can directly interact with a specific emotion by rebalancing the involved organs and restoring harmony to the corresponding element. This will allow us to address somatic manifestations caused by these organic imbalances while ensuring the spread of revitalized organ energy throughout the body.

How to relax and balance our emotional sphere through Dien Chan?
This unique approach combines knowledge from Eastern wisdom and Western medicine to help us regain relaxation and mental balance.

Based on the overall condition of each person, we translate this knowledge into yin and yang therapeutic gestures using multireflex tools.
Guided by the reflection diagrams projected on the face and the fixed point diagrams, we can quickly achieve deep balance and significant results.
In other words, thanks to the bqc·points and the Dien Chan diagrams of reflexion, we are able to combine these Western and TCM indications; well-being, quality of life, consciousness.

The Western approach focuses on calming the nervous system, while Traditional Chinese Medicine divides emotions into groups governed by energies known as the five movements: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood.

This booklet focuses on regulating the five emotional spheres, offering you practical tools to restore emotional balance in your daily life.

Even if your patient did not schedule an appointment for a specific emotional disorder, it is always interesting, through dialogue, to detect any repressed feelings. With knowledge of the relationships between elements and emotions according to TCM, we can complement the treatment of the nervous system with specific stimulations of the relevant organs.

Don’t forget your empathic talent by encouraging your patients to take care of their mental health, avoid excesses of social media and anxiety-provoking information. Foster indulgence towards oneself and encourage the search for solutions rather than withdrawal.

Therapists recommend their patients to hold the Yang health ball in their hands during the session. Its texture, with small spikes, stimulates the energy needed to regain control. This exercise also acts on the 5 elements through palm reflexology.

Moreover, by prioritising horn over plastic, the Yang health ball nº432 avoids the production of disruptive static electricity and has antiseptic properties.

This multireflexology tool is a must-have that should always be within reach. At any time of the day, if we feel an emotional imbalance, simply touch and roll it between our fingers to quickly restore balance and improve blood microcirculation in the hands, which are reflex zones of the entire head.


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PDF «Express care cards PDF»


Superb treatment card game from the Dien Chan experts in PDF format to always have effective protocols in your mobile that will also allow you to quickly start your session.

PDF «Express care cards PDF»

How to quickly start your care? How to always have inspiration?
Here is a set of 24 care protocol electronic cards.
They are your new secret weapon for fast and deep results in Dien Chan.

Each treatment takes place on two cards and offers the bqc·points diagram and coloured areas to guide you through the instructions.

Here is the list of protocols offered, knowing that each of them will also be useful as a basis to complete and to personalise your treatment:
- Face-lift
- Discomfort during pregnancy
- Regulation for menopause
- Treat acne
- Fight exhaustion
- Strengthen your emotional sphere
- Relieve acute pain
- Treat vertigo
- Headaches and migraine
- Premenstrual syndrome

Choose the protocol that best suits the situation and test each bqc·point using the multireflex detector nº101.
Select the most sensitive and consult the next card to fully understand the effects and indications of each point.
This will allow you to specify the origin of the disorder and to better understand the treatment.
Then stimulate each bqc·point with your detector (nº101 or nº103) or with the Little-hammer yin-yang nº128.

Express care cards allow you to take care of your client’s general condition. Once the person is well prepared and relaxed, your Chan❜beauté protocol will be even more effective.
In the list of proposed protocols, notice that some of them are perfect bases to complete depending on the imperfection you have to treat.

We have considered highlighting combinations of bqc·points in colour in the text and on the treatment diagram to help you refine your treatment.
To enhance the effects of the resulting formula, apply small squares of heat patches on each point.
Find the heating stamps sheet nº 644.multireflex.com to learn more about this technique.

◾︎ To learn how to personalise your care, see the blog article of the Dien Chan experts:

There are three models of Dien Chan point stimulators: The Smooth sphere detector nº 101.multireflex.com, the Yang ball detector nº 103.multireflex.com and the Comet detector nº 133.multireflex.com which is equipped with a larger end for sensitive skin.


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eBook «Cranial nerves»


Discover a fascinating method for stimulating the functions of the nervous system through Dien Chan. This eBook reveals how the brain is projected onto the face and how fixed points can help stimulate the functions of the cranial nerves.

eBook «Cranial nerves»

Discover the brain map on the face proposed by Pr. Bùi Quốc Châu in 1984. This map represents the projection of the brain onto the face, allowing fixed points corresponding to the functions of the cranial nerves to be stimulated.
Through clinical trials, Pr. Châu discovered the relationships between these fixed points and the functions of the cranial nerves. For example, bqc·point 34· can be used to treat eye pathologies by stimulating the corresponding optic nerve.

However, it is important not to forget the multireflexological dimension of the method and to combine the stimulation of bqc·points with reflex zones on the diagrams of reflexion for lasting results.

▸ We offer this free eBook so you can enhance your practice.

Discover the incredible benefits of Dien Chan by exploring the relationships between the fixed points on the map and their functions. With this cranial nerve map, you can build multireflexological bridges for surprising and lasting results.

▸ Download our free booklet to enhance your practice and enjoy all the benefits of this innovative method.

We can answer questions such as:
— How can the fixed points of the Dien Chan method help stimulate the functions of the cranial nerves?
— What are the exact correlations between bqc points and the functions of the cranial nerves?
— How can research be continued to better understand the implications of each pair of cranial nerves?

Discover the revolutionary method for testing and improving your well-being using the bqc·points on the face reflex map.
Follow these simple steps to discover the surprising results of each bqc·point and how they affect the pairs of cranial nerves.

Use the detection tool (multireflex tool nº101 or nº103) to stimulate each bqc·point for 10 seconds and evaluate the person’s sensitivity. Then, focus on the most sensitive point and stimulate it with constant and static pressure for 30 seconds.

Observe the results and ask the person to test their sensation.
— If the improvement stagnates, use the small yang ball from the other end of Detector yang ball nº103 (or that of The Yin-yang roller nº206) to massage the area of the relevant bqc·point.

Remember that each person is unique and that the combination of cranial nerve stimulation with new reflex zones will build the solution that is adapted to each individual.

Try this innovative method to enhance your practice and improve your well-being now.

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eBook «Joint inflammation»


Discover natural solutions to relieve joint inflammations through facial reflexology and the incredible effects of multireflex tools.
Instead of resorting to anti-inflammatory drugs, explore these natural solutions to alleviate pain in a more sustainable way.
This educational eBook guides you step by step through the protocols of Dien Chan to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, promote self-regulation of the body, and improve internal lubrication of the affected joints.

eBook «Joint inflammation»

Don’t let joint pain ruin your life!
Thanks to the combined yin and yang effects of multireflex tools, you can deeply refresh, reduce inflammation, relax the painful area, and improve the functionality of your immune system.

The eBook is organised into different groups of joints, allowing you to specifically target small joints, back pain, large joints, and neck pain. Each protocol is carefully explained and illustrated with care diagrams and bqc·points maps, making it easy for you to follow the steps and visualise the techniques to be performed.

Choose a natural and comprehensive approach to manage your joint inflammations and discover how Dien Chan can help you regain comfort and mobility.

Discover the exceptional potential of Dien Chan —the original method of facial reflexology— through this educational eBook. You will learn modern and dynamic techniques for treating joints. It is a unique method that cleverly combines gentle massages with multireflex tools and precise acupressure without harming the skin.
By studying the diagrams of reflection and fixed point maps on the face, you will be able to quickly restore energy balance and unleash the natural healing potential of your body.

Each chapter of the booklet is carefully detailed and accompanied by interactive links to the explanatory video, allowing you to easily assimilate the essential techniques and gestures.

You will discover specific protocols for different groups of joints:
- Small joints (fingers, hands, wrists, etc.)
- Back joint pain
- Large joints (knees, hips, etc.)
- Neck pain
In addition, specific bqc·points formulas are provided to reinforce your treatments and stimulate the organic functions associated with each problem.

As always, the team of Dien Chan experts offers protocols suitable for everyone, regardless of your level of expertise.

Even if you are a beginner, you can safely apply the treatments by following the clearly explained and illustrated steps.

This eBook has been designed to help you master each step of Dien Chan care by providing clear explanations and a practical approach. This will allow you to achieve remarkable results while progressing safely in your practice.

By deepening your knowledge of Dien Chan, you can take advantage of the additional indications provided in the booklet. These indications include specific bqc·points formulas to stimulate and reinforce your treatment, and to energise the organic functions related to the specific condition.

To stimulate facial bqc·points, our experts recommend using Detector nº101 or nº103, which you can easily find in the complete catalogue at www.dienshop.com.

To learn more about this booklet «Treating joint pain with Dien Chan», visit this


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eBook «Immune system»


Let’s learn to strengthen our immune defences through a natural and effective approach!
Too often caught up in the whirlwind of modernity, we frequently neglect our own powers. However, Dien Chan treatments awaken our common sense and allow us to preserve and restore the natural metabolic balance of our body.
The eBook «Immune System» immerses you in a world where delicate stimulation, without ever damaging your skin, will undo energy blockages and reinforce the functions of each organ. You will discover precise techniques to fortify your immune system and thus avoid the inconveniences of many common disorders.
Don’t leave your well-being to chance. Take control of your health by practising Dien Chan!
This eBook offers you valuable information and wise advice from Dien Chan experts.
Invest in your health and discover the secrets of enhanced immunity through Dien Chan.

eBook «Immune system»

As autumn approaches, our immune system becomes more sensitive to changes. It is during this season that we must prepare well to avoid the weakening of our defences.
A balanced diet and numerous natural techniques offer very effective non-invasive solutions. But there is nothing like using our own inner strength.

Training makes the champion, and multireflexology stimulation are an excellent solution to learn to regain control of your energy balance. The more we prepare our immune system to defend itself, without external input, the stronger it will be against attacks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a holistic and natural approach to boost your immune system. Get your copy of the eBook «Immune System» now and become the protagonist of your health!

How to strengthen your defences naturally?
We are convinced of the benefits of nature. That’s why we invite you to become the protagonist of your own health by discovering a natural method to feel in good shape.

It is time to integrate these simple and effective gestures into your daily routine and boost your power of self-regulation. Strengthening the immune system involves composing a precise and pleasant multireflexology care that will energise and strengthen all the actors involved.

This eBook also contains explanations, protocols, and formulas of bqc·points that make up the natural treatment to invigorate the immune system.
The best natural way to tackle autumn and prepare for winter!

The necessary tools are also available in this article.

Become a «care designer» and personalise your care with Dien Chan! Dien Chan, a modern technique rooted in Eastern wisdom and Western medicine, is within your reach. We refuse to underestimate you by offering basic tips that could leave you unsatisfied.

Our philosophy is to always offer you the possibility to deepen your knowledge; if you wish. We do not want to reduce this extraordinary method to simple tips that could discourage you in the long term due to a lack of results. We believe in personal experimentation and concrete verification of the benefits of this method.

Don’t wait any longer! Discover the power of Dien Chan now to strengthen your immune system and flourish in health.
Personalise your care and embrace a holistic approach that will open up new perspectives.

To consolidate the effects of the advice given in our eBook «Immune System», we strongly recommend practising the 12 Dien Chan massages every morning.

To help you in this process, we provide you with a video and an eBook for free on 12.multireflexology.com.

You will thus have the necessary tools to take charge of your health and develop your own well-being ritual.


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eBook of the «Reflexdrainage»


The Reflex-drainage is a facial massage based on facial reflex zones. It promotes lymphatic circulation, oxygenation of the skin, mental relaxation, healing, the immune system, and anti-ageing effects.
It is also effective as a preventive treatment against the flu.

eBook of the «Reflexdrainage»

The Reflex-drainage is a multi-reflexology massage of the lymphatic system inspired by manual lymphatic drainage.
It acts on facial reflex zones without the risk of causing disorders. It can be practised alone or in professional practice.
In this video, the Chan❜beauté expert shows the steps to be performed with the multireflex tool nº133 called «The Comet».

✔︎ To get the best results, it is recommended to choose the tool adapted to the shape and type of skin.

For self-treatment, gently sweep each area indicated on the care diagram 30 times, twice a day.
If the skin is tight, add a drop of oil or moisturiser to reduce friction.
You can repeat up to ±4 times a day in case of severe water retention in the feet, ankles, legs, and arms. Refer to the free pamphlet for details on each step.

As an aesthetician, practice the Reflex-drainage at the beginning of treatment to improve the skin’s natural hydration and collagen production, as well as to promote the elimination of toxins.

This technique is a natural therapeutic aesthetic method called Chan❜beauté.

Unlike manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), this technique has no contraindications and poses no danger to the patient. Indeed, it does not act directly on the lymph nodes but communicates directly with the brain to stimulate natural drainage.
— This technique can be recommended to the patient for self-treatment and practised by a professional therapist.

— This technique can be used at the beginning of treatment to relax and relieve superficial pain, as well as to prepare the patient to receive the stimuli of the following treatment.

By practising this technique, you can become familiar with Chan❜beauté, the natural therapeutic aesthetic technique and holistic well-being.

By practising the Reflex-drainage at the beginning of treatment, estheticians can also improve the skin’s natural hydration and promote the elimination of toxins, which can lead to more significant results.

⊕ Info on www.chanbeaute.uk

› The Reflex-drainage does not lower blood pressure.
› Avoid practising this massage daily for young people, as it can increase their yang energy and cause pimples and constipation.
› If palpitations are felt, do not perform steps 1 and 2 of the massage.
› The effectiveness of the massage is reduced without an instrument or object with a round and smooth head.
› Pregnant women less than 3 months pregnant should avoid steps 4 and 5 of the massage.

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the «English iBook»


The Dien Chan paperback book is abundantly illustrated with charts of reflection, diagrams of care and the map of fix points.
Available in the AppleStore as an iBook (use the button below).

the «English iBook»

The complete course book of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (190 pages).
Dien Chan, or face reflexology, of Pr Bùi Quôc Châu connects the scientific western logic and the rationality to the oriental philosophies. It defines the multiréflexology network, located primarily on the face. Through simple stimulation of the reflex zones and points of the face (without the need of needles) you can achieve effective and immediate results in the treatment of a variety of conditions and ailments.
Also available on AppleStore (iBook DienChan.co.uk)

Dien Chan has over 15 000 specialists in 35 countries with over 4 million people in Vietnam (many in humaitarian efforts following the Vietnam War) Dien Chan has been recognized as a public health treatment option in Central America. The Academy of Traditonal Chinese Medicine (Beijing) recognized Dien Chan as a quality therapy offering immediate results for patients. In Germany, the Albert-Schweitzer-Haus centre awarded «Diploma of Recognition» to Professor Châu for his contribution to the world’s health.

The book provides the necessary steps to self-care in order to relieve pain without the need to take synthetic medicine. The goal is to improve quality of life of our family and patients.
Dien Chan offers excellent results in the treatment of neurological, dermatological, digestive, circulatory, genito-urinary disorders, rhumatologiques, and metabolic disorders. It also provides a solution to muscular problems, cramps, low-back pain, as well as headaches, insomnia and anxiety.

Dien Chan has over 15 000 specialists in 35 countries with over 4 million people in Vietnam (many in humaitarian efforts following the Vietnam War) Dien Chan has been recognized as a public health treatment option in Central America. The Academy of Traditonal Chinese Medicine (Beijing) recognized Dien Chan as a quality therapy offering immediate results for patients. In Germany, the Albert-Schweitzer-Haus centre awarded «Diploma of Recognition» to Professor Châu for his contribution to the world’s health.

The map of fixed points is totally original and does not follow any meridian or old zones and although the highest number is the 633·, there are only 257 points. The reflexology stimuli point our vital energy (Qi) to the affected area.